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Trisha Schoenleber

Office Administrator

I was born in Niles, Michigan and raised in Tustin, California until our family decided to move back to Niles when I was 16. Upon graduating highschool I went on to attend Southwestern Michigan College. 

My husband and I put our house on the market a few years ago. I decided to embrace my creative side and stage our home. To our surprise, we received our full asking price and our realtor found us our dream home shortly after. The entire experience lit a fire in me. It’s a big factor for why I’m currently pursuing my realtor license. 

My husband Brent and I have four beautiful daughters (Allie, Abbie, Macy & Sadie), as well as two dogs (Bentley and Tucker). When I’m not working, I’m in all likelihood reading, listening to podcasts and music, or traveling with the family. 

In the spirit of going above and beyond what’s expected of me, I’m always willing to lend a helping hand to Julie and our realtors. Interested in learning more about Listing Leaders Michigan? Give me a call today!

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