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Amber Carnahan


My name is Amber Carnahan, your favorite Realtor. I was previously employed with a great commercial real estate firm in Northwest Indiana. I worked as a Property Manager, assisted local town redevelopment projects, and was a Business Development Representative for our commercial property tax assessment company. I have managed restaurants, events, and some wonderful projects along the way, most notably a movie called "The Girls of Summer". We filmed here in Southwest Michigan. I am also an artist of many mediums, entertainer, wife, and mom to the coolest boy ever.

My vast management skills are a solid foundation for this exciting real estate world. I'm a business builder, and a dreamer at heart. Besides all that, I love to help our community, local non-profits, and people.

Right now would be the best time to contact me! Let's discuss your future, and make it the brightest one possible!

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